Ambushed Paintballing And Laser Tag Games
The most centrally located paintball site in Ireland
We are set in a 32 acre forest which is suitable for play in any weather
50 euros for 6 people to play with 600 paintballs!

Paintball Games – A Beginners Guide

Paintball is a team game that requires individual or team participation. It may be played indoors or outdoors with players numbering from 2 to 500. Games can last for any amount of time depending on taking or finding something or being the last person to be unmarked. Ambushed Paintballing has a number of different battle zones and games for each group which are adventurously designed to guarantee excitement within each team. There are different strategies which are used in the game from being conservative and quiet and choosing the shots carefully, to being fast, adventurous and constantly shooting.

Paintball is a competitive and fun game that is challenging as it has a hide-and-seek element to it while team members must also be brave and try to succeed in each game’s objective such as capturing the flag of the opposition team. Certain safety equipment needs to be worn in the game like special clothing, goggles etc. an important element in the game is the paintball itself. There are dozens or hundreds of balls which are really tiny containers of paint. These may be made of colored liquid which is encased in a gelatin shell and are available in different colors which are water-soluble, non toxic and biodegradable.

The weight of the paintballing sphere is identical to that of a tiny water balloon, and weighs a couple of grams. Once the ball is shot from a gun, it bursts, thus leaving a spatter of paint. The paintball gun is also known as a marker and it is aimed to shoot the ball at high speed. The propulsion system in the gun is made of compressed CO2 gas, ordinary air and nitrogen in large or small tanks which are attached to the gun.

Paintball is a fun and rewarding day out for a group of any size. Here at Ambushed we prepare all groups with a safety brief prior to the games commencing. Paintballing is fantastic for team bonding and for general fitness.

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